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30 years of reseach, production and theatrical animation

Since its formation in 1976 it has been imposing as a theatre company that bets on de discovery of interceptions between the different artistical languages and those of the performance, as a form of potentiating an experimental theatre intervention that is consequent, interventive and socially integrated in a communitary cultural intervention.

From 1976 to 1979 it travels among several provisional instalations, and establishes itself, as the promoting organization of ACERT, in a tiny exiguous space. Only in 1984 it adapts a former hospital to cultural facilities, and conquers its own first space of presentation, and the consequent possibility of a more stanle action, within a strong dynamic function in the region, through the creation of threads of circulation of spaectacles, artistic formation and production. It becomes then one of the most meaningful poles of independent de-centralization in the centre of the country.

As a result of the implantation and evolution of its theatrical project, it creates, in 1987, a more efective structure which, though without regular official support, is able to obtain an artistic base core that guarantees the staging costs of a multidisciplinar activity in the area of support to formation and production.

The plays "Silka", adapted from a short story by Ilse Lose, and Aristofanes "The Knights" (1989/90) become a benchmark of the turning point in the consolidation of the artistical project of TRIGO LIMPO teatro ACERT. By this time, the company has had over 70 performances all over the country, as well as some participation in Theatre Festivals abroad.

Only in 1992 does TRIGO LIMPO teatro ACERT get its first casual official support from the Secretary of State of Culture, which enables it to magnify its universe of creation and artistic response. nevertheless, the season of 1993 is the actual moment of stabilisation of the project, due to the regular sponsorisation that is at last conceded to the Company.

From then on, it has been presenting an average of three new productions per year, at the same time that promotes a varied practice of theatrical dinamisation in the region, as well as in the country and abroad.

Besides the presentation of dramatic author texts, it has staged more than 10 plays as first presentations, of which the majority consisted of adaptations of contemporary authors (Herman Hesse, Ilse Lose, Isabel Allende, José Gomes Ferreira, Lobo Antunes, Mia Couto, Santos Fernando, et altre), together with several dramatic texts specificaly created for the company.

The itinerance constitutes one of the axes of the dynamics of the company, and corresponds to more than 70% of its total activity, thus enabling it the creation of new publics, as well as a proximity with the varied cultural realities, together with the establishment of circuits of de-centralization. Apart from the stagings, the company widens its exercise of diffusion to the promotion of nets of circulation of spectacles by other groups, both national and international, presenting them in other points of the country where it develops its activity.

The internationational activity of TRIGO LIMPO teatro ACERT is not restrainable to the participation in Festivals. The exchange activity with other countries is notorious, namely in Mozambique, Brezil and Galice, where it has been coordinating programs in partnership with companies and creators from all over the world.

The theatre formation plays an important continuous role in the developed work, and dynamic formative plans are powered within the several areas of the performing arts, and which take place, either in the company's own space, or in other participants locals.

The International Festival (FINTA) is promoted every year by the Company, and has created a reputation that is due to the attention it gives to different approaches to the theatrical art, by the multiplicity of both national and international projects it divulgates and, essentialy, by the identity conveyed by the living experiences it makes possible to the public, therefore enabling the audiences to participe and enjoy. Together with FINTA, the company also promotes FINTINHA - Theatre Festival for Children, along with an amount of actions creatively diversified, in articulation with both public and private entities in the area of education and regional development (street animation, non-conventional spaces, exhibits, conferences, thematic theatrical animations, publishing...)

The street theatre constitutes an experimental field to which a particular attention has been given, and represents creative investments that carachterize the activity of the company (Faldum, AuGaciar, Judas, stage machine "Memoriar" - for Expo'98 and Hannover'2000, Ser Pró-Coimbra). This has likewise allowed the technical formation of specialists in the areas of production, sound, light, fireworks, scenography/stage machines mounting and theatrical structures.

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