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Having been formed in 1979, it soon assumed itself has the carrier of a multidisciplinary actuation in terms of the artistic areas, and grounded its creative strength on the original core: TRIGO LIMPO teatro ACERT. This particular situation - a theatre company generating a cultural association - is the main feature of the dynamics of ACERT, and influences decisively its attitude and evolution: the growth of a tranversal project, in terms of the promotion of events; artistic formation and production, based on a highly professioonal team of theatrical agents who have guaranteed its operationality as far as the management of a continued permanent programation project is concerned.

It has perpetuated itself as a cultural structure in a region of our country that asserts itself by - Incorporating a permanently renewed and renewing artistical practice, within a steadily efficient comunitary relationship, in order to potentiate didactical circuits of conquest of varied publics and audiences who strongly feel, above all, the lack of cultural offers.

- Projecting artistical experiences within an enlarged basis of local , regional and national itinerancy that favours the capitalization of experiences and contacts, so as to implement and potentiate the project as far as the artistic experimentalism, the inovation of methodologies and the geografical enlargement of audiences are concerned.

- Searching for actuational practices that support the development of the project, as a widening factor of different geografical areas, and thus attracting urban publics who can be be added to to the comunitary interconnection and allow the achievement of a consistent whole plan of local insertion, namely through the boldness of both the practices and the established targets.

- Permanently inovating the means of performance and intervention (the human resources - creators, technicians, animators -, the space, the equipments, the offer of services, the artistic formation and the cultural creation) so as to guarantee an increase of quality in programation, conditions offered to the creators and therefore to the publics.

- Maintaining the level of artistic and professional exigence and self-demand, which has been made real by the formative updating and exchange of experiences, imprescindible factors to continue a process of balanced and equilibrated growth.

This practice made possible for ACERT to implant itself geografically, and to project itself in the cultural life of the country, though the identity it gives to the direction of a tranversal, didactic, effective and daring artistical intervention, in order to transform cultural habits. It is worth stressing out that the district of Viseu, though it has today an indisputable cultural offer and projection, was once considered as a region without cultural practices, spaces or habits. Altuough we definitely don´t consider ACERT as the sole protagonist of this change, it would be absurd not to point out its the important role it played in this transformation.

It is therefore clear that the guideline of ACERT's actuation is placeceable in a plan of inovation of artistical practices that may favour the cultural participation and fruition. In order to achieve this purpose, its action has been based on the strengthning of a team that is as multisided and able as possible to handle the tools required for a programation that is wanted to be

- provocative enough to achieve experimental changes that may incentivate the publics it is aimed at;

- strongly wise within communitary responsibility, due to the heterogenity of the publics it aims at conquering;

The action of ACERT is guided by the close interconnection between the creative boldness as the motor of demand of a public that is wanted to be more demanding critical and formed, and cultural practice strongly influencing and transformative of the surrounding realities. The identity of a project that assumes itself entirely available to permanently rediscover the adequate form of corresponding to the specific reality of a space, a region and the multiplicity of the audiences to reach lies on the creation of conditions to conquer the space of equilibrium between both these practices.

Therefore, some identifiable elements of the praxis of ACERT become evident:

- A team of theatre creators who, in the multidisciplinatrity of the artistic languages and of the fields of actuation that they approach, represent an important plus-value in the following of the programation and dynamics of a space. It is to be pointed out the inovative nature characterized by the incursion in artistic transversal areas: the stage machine "Memoriar"; the identity of the Festivals of Musics of the World; the permanent openning to emerging creators in varied artistic areas and who have not their own performative and productive space; and special productions in the exploration of multiple languages: multimedia, music and theatre, stage architecture, publications, etc.

- A complementarity of sinergies between teams (creators, cultural managers, programers, technicians and cultural agents) in the achievment of a communitary interventive plan for the artistic interrelations advinient from the itinerancy of the residing artistic team.

- A capitalization by the residing artistic crew of the experiences in the varied artistic areas, in order to enlarge the experimental universe to be creatively explored.

- The genuinity and quality of both national and international premieres as a priviledged space of pre-production, and the instaled stream of audiences, as a motor of captation of extra-regional publics.

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